Riskco Corporate

Sector / Corporations

Software to value financial instruments measure, control and manage risks (interest rates risk, equity risk, currency risk, commodity risk, property risk, inventory risk, commercial risk and counterparty risk)

Riskco Corporate is Riskco’s module specialized in non-financial companies, and nowadays used by more than 100 entities, both small-sized companies and big corporations.Main benefits:

  • Valuation of financial instruments using the same tools as financial companies.
  • Quantification, at all times, of the exposure to the different risks and their potential losses.
  • Calculation of risk appetite: potential losses / own resources.
  • Stress. Analysis of solvency and resistance to extreme situations that occur in financial markets every 6 or 8 years.
  • Definition of maximum limits of exposure to risks and of indebtedness based on objective data and in line with the true appetite of risk of the shareholders.

Financial management improves, the price of financial instruments are negotiated with financial institutions on an equal basis, potential losses reduced and serious losses almost eradicated. It will reduce the uncertainty about future profits, our company will be more valuable to shareholders and other stakeholders.